Kennison & Associates is the premier boutique staffing agency in Boston. Located in the heart of the city, we service leading Massachusetts businesses across all industries. Kennison’s temporary division specializes in placing administrative, accounting, legal, marketing, and customer service professionals in both short and long term assignments.

Kennison pays top hourly rates and many of our opportunities are “temp to hire.” Whether you are a recent college graduate seeking corporate experience, a seasoned professional looking to change careers, or you simply find yourself between jobs, temporary employment is a great way to gain experience and sharpen your skills.

If you are interested in seeking temporary employment with Kennison & Associates, please email your resume to our Temporary Division at tempresumes@kennison.com. Once we receive your resume and determine if you are a good fit for one of our openings, a recruiter will contact you in order to set up an interview. At your interview we will discuss the types of positions you are interested in, which positions are best suited to your prior work experience, and the ins and outs of our placement process. We know that applicants are more than their resumes and treat each candidate with respect.



Temp Of The Month March 2018: Blake Ludwig

Congratulations to Blake Ludwig on being named Kennison’s Temp of the Month for March 2018! Blake, who is currently working on a long-term Office Assistant role at one of Kennison’s top clients, is doing a stand-up job! She came to Kennison back in January looking to make a shift in her career. She has completed long and short-term roles for Kennison and her willingness to try anything has really paid off! She is a hard worker, a delight to be around and has a great attitude! We have continued to receive positive feedback regarding her performance and we are so lucky to have her on the Kennison Temporary Team! Thank you, Blake! We appreciate your dedication to Kennison!


Please note: Kennison temporary employees are eligible to receive the Temp of the Month Benefit if Kennison has received positive feedback about your work, you have worked at least 50 hours during the month, have not been late to your assignment or called out sick, and you have submitted your time sheet by the close of business each Friday. For more information, please visit our Benefits Page.